Teardrop Films is a vibrant and creative wedding filmmaking and videography company, specialising in capturing the atmosphere and emotion of every wedding we are lucky enough to be part of. 


Capture the laughter, as well as the smile

We believe that having a professionally made film of your big day is equally as important as the photographs. What better way to remember the details and laughter of the day than in real time and with real emotion. 

So much happens on your wedding day that can easily be missed, whilst you’re busy getting married and celebrating. Having your wedding on film will allow you to see parts of the day which otherwise you may have missed, and take a special record of family members and friends that you can watch again and again for years to come. Above all you'll have a permanent record of the most special day of both of your lives, and something you'll both treasure forever.

Teardrop Films is there to capture the action and the reaction, and you will love looking back over your wedding film and spotting something new every time you watch!

Our approach

Weddings are incredibly complex and unpredictable events where you only get one shot at capturing the moments - there are no opportunities for retakes! As an experienced team, we make sure we’re in the right places at the right time throughout the day, and react and adapt to each situation to ensure we get the best footage for your film.  

We believe it is important to tell the whole story of your day, from start to finish, which is why filming begins at the start of the day, with the Bride and Groom getting ready in the morning, and finishes late into the evening once the party is in full swing. 

When filming, we are always conscious that this is your special day and don’t believe in intruding on it at all. We stand back and film the day as it naturally unfolds and work alongside the photographer, careful not to get in their way. 

We’ll always chat to you in depth beforehand about your wedding; what is important to you; any special people or moments that you want to include, so we are sure to capture the parts that mean the most to you personally. A team of two talented filmmakers will attend to film, and then the footage is edited back in the Southampton-based studio to create a wonderful snapshot of memories to last a lifetime.

What equipment is used to film weddings? 

We use a variety of filming equipment to capture the day including Canon DSLRs and cinema cameras. The sound is recorded on high quality recording equipment and we use glidetracks to help create a real cinematic feel to your film.

Teardrop Films are passionate about filming weddings and would love to be part of your day too.  Please feel free to get in touch by emailing us at studio@teardropfilms.co.uk 



Image supplied by  Helen Rushton Photography

Image supplied by Helen Rushton Photography